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High school football: Matthew Gruhn, the only head coach at Lakeview Academy, steps down after 14 seasons
Gruhn said he may return to school next year, possibly as an assistant coach
Matthew Gruhn

After 14 seasons in charge and the only head football coach in Lakeview Academy history, Matthew Gruhn has decided to step down. 

Gruhn said he made his decision Thursday with hopes that a new leader will lead the Lions in a positive direction. Even though he has given up his title as head coach, Gruhn has left the door open to remain on Lakeview Academy’s staff and possibly even serve as an assistant coach going forward. 

“I think it’s time for a change for the program,” Gruhn said, who went 32-78 with the Lions. “Hopefully, the new coach will take the program in a positive direction.”

The position will likely draw ample candidates. It’s an even more attractive school, according to Gruhn, with a new football field and seating on both sides, along with a 1/4-mile track coming in at the Gainesville private school campus.

“We have great kids, a great community here at Lakeview Academy,” he added.

With a new coach certain, Gruhn said he anticipates a decent-size senior class, potentially 8-10 returning players in 12th grade, for the new coach to work with in the transition. He added that the potential is there for the Lions to have their largest-ever freshmen class of football players in 2020. 

“I hope the new coach has lots of success and has the program continuing to grow,” Gruhn said.

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