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Little League All Stars to play for district at Lanier Point
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7-8 Little League

Oconee Red vs. Athens American, 10 a.m.

Newton American vs. Walton National, noon

10-11 Little League

Gainesville American vs. Walton American, noon

Gainesville National vs. Oconee, 2 p.m.

12 Little League

Oconee vs. Newton American, 10 a.m.

Newton American vs. Walton American, noon

Walton National vs. Gainesville American, 2 p.m.

Gainesville National vs. Athens, 4 p.m.

13-14 Little League

Walton National vs. Athens, 9 a.m.

Walton American vs. Oconee, 11 a.m.

16 Little League

Oconee vs. Walton, 1 p.m.

18 Little League

Oconee vs. Walton, 5 p.m.

More games to be played throughout the weekend to be determined.

Some kids compete to win trophies. Others play to make their parents proud. And some just want to be on a team with their friends.

The kids that compete on the District 10 Little League All-Star teams may have a combination of all of these traits, but the thing that stands out the most, according to Gainesville 10-11-year-old coach Tim Bollinger, is that “these kids just love playing ball.”

At the District 10 Little League All-Star tournament this weekend, they get to show exactly how much they love it. With a weekend completely full of games, the All-Stars tournament brings 39 teams of players from ages 7 to 18 from Gainesville, Athens, Oconee County, Walton County, Barrow County, and Newton County to the Lanier Point Athletic Complex. For certain teams, winning the district tournament means getting a chance to compete in the state tournament, and for the 11- and 12-year-old teams, possibly even advancing to regionals in Warner Robins.

“This is the league that goes to Williamsport,” Gainesville Little League coach John Geyer said.

Regionals and the Little League World Series are not, however, what teams are focusing on this weekend. Bollinger says this tournament is important because it gives the players the opportunity to play together a few more weeks and shows exactly what it means to play on an All-Star team.

“All of the kids are on the same skill level,” Bollinger said. “Playing this kind of tournament helps them see different Park and Rec teams.

“It gives them the opportunity to play teams with the same goal as them.”

For some kids, this is their first time ever playing on an All-Star team.

“Little League is one of those things where I like it because as many kids get to play as possible,” Geyer said. “It’s just fun.”

“It’s great just to see them out there enjoying playing a game,” Bollinger noted.

The tournament begins at 10 a.m. Friday and ends on June 30 at Lanier Point Athletic Complex in Gainesville. The cost is a $5 per day parking fee.

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