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Georgia IronDawgs take another national title
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ATHENS — On a Saturday when three Georgia IronDawgs set individual world records, the team thought it had to settle for second place at the American Powerlifting Committee National Championships at the Holiday Inn Express.

But a re-check of the scoring rules on Sunday led to another national title for the ’Dawgs. The Venice Island Iron Works team out of Florida finished second.

The IronDawgs are headquartered in Gainesville at the Iron Beast Gym.

IronDawg Gainesville’s Tim “T” Moon established the all-time world record in the Master’s Men’s 50-54-year-old 275.58-pound Raw/Unequipped division with his benchpress of 530.21 pounds. Moon won the Benchpress Best Lifter Award on the men’s side.

Push/pull Best Lifter went to Cleveland’s Dylan Wagoner with world records across the board in the 308.64-pound Junior Men’s division. The 21-year old Wagoner benched 490.52 pounds and totaled 1,223.55 pounds. He got a deadlift world mark on a fourth lift at 745.15 pounds.

Other world marks were turned in for the IronDawgs in the Master’s Women’s 40-44 age group, 114.64-pound Raw class by Dana Tripp of Lawrenceville with her lift of 99.21 pounds and Zack Layfield of Flowery Branch with his press of 192.9 pounds on a fourth lift in the Master’s Men’s 70-74, 165.35-pound Raw class.

In the Master’s Men’s 220.46-pound class in the 60-64 Raw division, Joshua Herrsko of Venice Island beat IronDawg bench team captain R. Garry Glenn of Oakwood. Both men missed their last attempts at 341.71 pounds; but Herrsko had made his second lift at 330.69 pounds while Glenn had taken a second lift at 319.67 pounds. Glenn fell an inch or so short of locking out close to 342 pounds.

Both Glenn and Herrsko bettered the previous world record for the class.

Both Glenn and Moon are alumni of Jefferson High.

Other IronDawgs who won Raw championships included Dana Tripp’s husband, Russ (MM 45-49, 165.35-pound class, 319.67-pound lift); Oakwood’s Duane Manning (MM 40-44, 198.41-pound class, press of 308.64 pounds); Winterville’s Andy Williamson (MM 45-49, 220.46-pound class, 303.13-pound lift); and Augusta’s Trey Hague, who won the Benchpress title in the Men’s Open 198.42-pound class with a lift of 374.78 pounds and added a deadlift of 473.99 pounds to total 848.77 pounds and win the push/pull contest in his division as well. Jefferson’s James Houston took a second to Hague in push/pull with his total of 799.16 pounds.

Gainesville’s George Bradley won the MM 55-59, 148.81-pound class with his press of 231.48 pounds; while Mt. Airy’s Joey Murphy locked out 705.47 pounds to win the MM 45-49, 275.58-pound class. His was the heaviest benchpress of the day.

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