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Republicans should return to party of George H.W. Bush
In this Nov. 8, 1988, photo, President-elect George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara wave to supporters in Houston, Texas, after winning the presidential election. Bush has died at age 94. Family spokesman Jim McGrath says Bush died shortly after 10 p.m. Friday, Nov. 30, 2018, about eight months after the death of his wife, Barbara Bush. - photo by Associated Press

The greatest honor this country can pay to the memory of George H.W. Bush would be to return the country to the civility that his life embodied. 

The country has just paid tribute to our 41st president — and some of us old enough to remember were reminded, and those too young to remember were shown, what our president should look like. 

I am not talking about what his politics were, or if he leaned conservative or liberal, or if history will record him as a good president or not so good. 

I am talking about how the man ran his life, how he treated family, how he served his country, how he showed respect to all, allies or opponents. 

He was truly someone who lived his life truly respecting the lives and opinions of all the people he governed. He certainly did not give everyone what they wanted, but he gave respect to their point of view. 

I know through some personal experiences with people who saw him when the cameras were off and no one was watching, he was the same person he appeared to be in the spotlight. He was open, friendly and respectful to all he encountered. 

The contrast from his time in office and where the country is now is startling. We now have a president who does not seem to respect anything but money and power. A president who only sees people as tools he can use to get what he wants, or enemies that need to be crushed. 

It is time for the Republican leaders to own up to what President Trump is and what he is doing to the country. President George H.W. Bush was a Republican; the party leaders need to return to the party that he represented. The voters need to also return to a country where a different opinion does not come from an enemy, just from another American who sees things from a different point of view. 

If our republic does not get back to the basic goodness, acceptance and compromise that got us here, our future and the future of our children and grandchildren may be in jeopardy. 

Tom Vivelo

Flowery Branch

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