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Your Views: Wood in road causes grief to driver
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About 6:30 p.m. on Nov. 7, I was traveling west on Sardis Road. Right after the Sardis Elementary School parking lot, I ran over a piece of wood in the road. I did not see the wood until I was on it because it was dark and the wood was aged and blended in with the road.

I pulled over at the Tienda Mexicana store to check to see if I had punctured a tire. I had my two little boys with me, so I wanted to double check. When I opened the door, I immediately smelled gas and realized that the wood had punctured my gas tank.

As I was getting my little ones out of the car, I saw the truck go by that had lost the wood. It was a blue, older model Ford truck and it was pulling a trailer. I know that accidents happen, but I wanted the person who was driving this truck to know exactly how much damage his wood caused. The damage was estimated at $1,300.

Maybe the next time you lose some wood, try using your caution lights so people can see there is an object in the roadway. And if you see that the person that ran over your wood pulls over, you could at least stop to make sure they are OK.

Luckily the wonderful fireman and EMTs of Station 13 quickly responded and everything was OK. I just wanted you to know all the damage your piece of wood caused, not only the monetary amount, but the turmoil my boys had to go through.

Becky Guyton

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