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Your Views: Will we stand above the crowd or alone in the crowd?
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For some time now, I have come to the conclusion that there aren't any human behaviors displayed today that you can't find an example of in the Bible.

We need to be as familiar of our constitutional laws, state statues and city charters to understand that it's the legislative branch that makes the laws and the executive branch that signs them. It is too often when things don't turn out right that one branch puts the blame on the other.

Whatever position we hold, it is a sworn duty to place the common good not for individualism but for the benefit of the people we represent and serve. Far too often, we think of how we can pass and enact laws that deprive others of their rights and benefits. Too often, we give in to unworthy causes and lose our dignity.
Do we allow ourselves to get too close to the forest that we fail to see the trees?

Usually there are three important events in our lives. Birth, marriage and death. But there is a fourth one: our legacy.

What have we done with the talent and the possessions that God has given us to use and multiply not only for ourselves, but for God and our fellow man. Have we been selfish in our deportment?

Often when we read the obituary of someone we have known for a long time, or go to their funeral, there are instances when we have to say to ourselves, "Is this the same person I knew while they were alive?"

There comes a time in life when we must take a stand. Do we serve God or Mammon? I believe the right stand to take is a commitment and choice. But for me and my house, I will serve the Lord.

I am forever reminded of the parable of the man who died and went to hell. The devil gave him a tour of some of the things that were there. They came upon a lot of the most beautiful cars you could find.

The man asked the devil what all of the cars were for. The devil said "these are for the people who come down here." The man said, "when I was up on Earth, they told me hell was bad. Can I have any car I choose?" The devil said, "take any one you want."

So the man picked out the best-looking car he could find. After trying to start the car several times, he was unable to do so. He got out of the car and went around to raise the hood, and quickly discovered the car had no engine. So he said to the devil, "Why did you give me a car with no engine?"

The devil said, "That's the hell of it."

The event before and leading up to Easter should remind all of us what our savior went through for our salvation and a way back to God as we stray from his. Do our choices let us live about the sinful crowd or do we find ourselves by the example we show God and others that we are alone in the crowd?

Mordecai Wilson

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