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Your Views: Why do commissioners fill parking spots on square?
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My business is located on the square in downtown Gainesville. Those who work for the city, county or other businesses downtown know how tough parking during normal business hours can be, especially since the parking deck is being rebuilt.

It troubled me on Oct. 22 when I pulled into the parking lot next to the Georgia Mountains Center and I found there were several parking spaces with signs that stated "Reserved for Commissioner." These spaces are not only for the commissioners but also the commission clerk and administrator.

Now it has been a week of these spaces being reserved. I have noticed only one of the spaces is actually being used for that week’s time. The rest of the spaces remain empty for one week. Spaces, not being used, just sitting waiting for a commissioner’s vehicle to pull in and occupy it. Spaces customers who want to spend money in the stores and restaurants downtown could use.

My wife contacted the county to inquire as to the reason these spaces have been reserved and she has received no response.

What makes the commissioners and their co-workers so important that they are not able to use the parking on a first-come, first-serve basis as the rest of us commoners? If I do not get to my office in time to get a parking space near, I must park in the new parking lots adjacent to Jesse Jewell Parkway and walk quite a distance to my office.

In addition, if I get so lucky as to be able to park in the same parking area as the commissioners, I can only park there for two hours before I receive a ticket. The commissioners are exempt from being ticketed.

It would be nice for the commissioners to show a little respect to the people and businesses who try to add back to this community to request these parking spaces be opened back up for general public use.

I’m just a concerned, parking spaceless Gainesville business owner.

Hastin Slaton