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Your Views: We plant the seeds of goodwill by giving, serving for others
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What kind of seeds are we sowing? With Father's Day just past, I recognize the important role fathers and parents play. Children need the guidance of parents on how to be respectable to them and others and become responsible, independent people.

The guidance my parents gave me taught me the difference between a house and a home.

Since my wife and I served as foster parents for emotionally and disturbed teenage girls and also provided care in our home for 32 mentally ill patients, I am constantly reminded of the important role you play.

My wife and I are overwhelmed with feedback we get from the people we once cared for. We gave the best we were taught by our own parents and other institutions important in any community.

Since we have retired from these programs and made our home in Lula, there are a number of people and organizations we owe our gratitude for being there for us in a time of need: LABA in Lula; the wonderful citizens of Lula who elected me to city council and members of the city government; members of Gainesville city government; Hall County Sheriff Department under the leadership of Steve Cronic; the CASA program under the leadership of Connie Stephens; Northeast Georgia Medical Center and its rehabilitation unit, led by Dr. Marchman; the Bulli Program at Brenau University under Kathy Amos; the Gainesville Therapy staff and the Rehabilitation Institute at Sherwood Plaza; and the Longstreet Clinic, Dr. Bernadine King of the Gainesville Heart Group.

My wife and I are hoping through our service we have rendered to others during our lives thus far that we have sowed seeds of goodwill and aspiration in others that has helped them to have a better and a more productive life.

There are three important events in your life: birth, marriage and death. However, there is a fourth one many people forget and that's our legacy. This one tells us not only what we have accomplished during our lifetime that God has made us stewards of, but has our gift has been beneficial to others as well?

Please be careful of what kind of seeds we have planted. Read Galatians, Chapter 6, to understand my message.

Mordecai Wilson