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Your views: We pay more for our health insurance, so why can't Gainesville employees?
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While reading The Times today, it appears my taxes are going up as the city of Gainesville, Gainesville schools and Hall County schools all want more from me.

All at the same time we are in a recession, the federal government wants more of my money to go to Washington, and the cost of living has risen to an all-time high with gas prices and food costs increasing.

Then the final stab in the back is leveled when the city manager says city employees may have to start sharing the cost of health insurance for the first time ever. I’m paying $771 a month for a plan with a $500 deductible through my former employer, while many of my friends can’t afford coverage at all.

And you expect me to have sympathy for those folks who are paying nothing and want more from me?

If it takes a major increase for the city employees to pay their fair share of the costs to offset any tax increase to me and my fellow citizens, then so be it. The same goes for educators, city, state and federal employees who should not be treated any differently for their coverage and benefit costs than the average worker in this country.

The fact that we, as taxpayers, are not going to put up with it anymore is reality.

Dean Warnock


City shouldn’t interfere with private property

I can’t believe that now we are being ordered to cut our grass by our city government. I was recently called by the Gainesville city marshal, who left a message on my voice mail, telling me to cut the grass at my rental house, even though the grass is cut on a regular basis and is kept very neat.

All the other rental houses and property in the area are overgrown and trashy. I wonder if he is ordering them to cut their grass? Will it not be long before they are coming in our homes and telling us what to do in our privacy?

The point is, we are headed down a road of socialist government, and the people of Gainesville and America had better wake up before all of our freedom is taken away. It is scary and very possible with a president like the rock star Obama. Wake up America.

Jimmy Smith

Flowery Branch

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