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Your Views: We must speak out more against what we know is wrong
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It is a true blessing to be able to read the good things concerning our country, things that will motivate people to try to do good even in the times we are experiencing. It boosts one’s morale and clarifies one’s thinking when there is something good to occupy one’s mind.

Having access to good information that will help build character is much more profitable to society than things that have a tendency to destroy. Our society is not suffering from good things near as bad as it is from what is known to be bad and harmful to one’s self and others.

We see so much that causes hurt and discomfort, that many people take lightly, but in the end society suffers greatly and pays a big price. We know that excessive speeding on our roads takes a toll on our people and our pocketbooks. We also know of excessive drinking by many people who don’t think twice before they get behind the steering wheel of a car. We know, too, that illegal drugs are playing a big role in bad things in society and our country.

There is much more that we can say, but most of us are somewhat reluctant to speak out until something affects us or our families.

If we would be honest, we would know that abortion is wrong. If we would be true to ourselves and others, we would know that our country is suffering greatly because of such things that are against our creator’s will.

Making things legal will not take away the evil results. No one in their right mind can say, and be true, that good has caused all the corruption that we now face. Our job, today, is to do our best to weed out wrong, not throw up our hands and let it mushroom. As leaders and people of good will and faith, we are suppose to take the lead, not continue to follow the blind, and we will see a difference. Just because we are living in the last days doesn’t mean that we should let evil destroy us.

Jesse Jenkins

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