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Your Views: Was helpful stranger a miracle or mere mortal?
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While having lunch at a local restaurant, my vehicle was struck in the back, doing considerable damage. Since it was in the back, I did not notice it. So I started to drive home.

A man came toward me walking right in front of my car waving his arms. I rolled down my window and he told me he had taken down the tag number of the person who hit me. Written on the corner of a small piece of paper was a tag number.

Just as quickly as he appeared, he seemed to fade away before I could get his name and address.
Since this act of kindness saved me $500 (my insurance deductible), I wonder: Was this an angel or just a very thoughtful, caring citizen of Gainesville?

Ginger Imperiale

Tobacco firm answers letter with cigarette ad
Around a year ago I requested free booklets from Philip Morris about quitting smoking for a family member. This morning I received an advertisement from Philip Morris about a new cigarette product.

Honestly, I'm offended. I understand that they are a cigarette company and they want people to smoke. But why even offer the booklets if they are just going to turn around and send more advertisements to tempt someone back into smoking?

I know the company has been sued and has to do certain things for their public image, but this is just showing that Philip Morris obviously cares only about its image, not about the public.

Kayla Cerezo

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