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Your Views: Voters, be aware of what change you are seeking
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It was an interesting article in the Times on Sunday concerning college students and their feelings about the presidential primary, and the forthcoming election of the next president of the United States.

I surmise the main theme of the students’ discussion was about change. My question to these students would be: Just what kind of change will the new president put in place? Let me give you a hint about the Democrat Party’s idea of change.

If involves even bigger government, more taxes, universal health care and less choice for you to succeed or fail in our society. In other words, the federal government would attempt to take care of your needs. Of course, this comes with a hefty price tag, and that means less take-home pay for you and your family. If that is the change you want, go for it.

In my travels and talking with many folks from Canada and England, they feel government health care has been and will always be a disaster. My belief is that anything our government has taken control of, in the long term, becomes wrought with corruption, promotes cost overruns and turns out to be a detriment to the people it is intended to help.

I am presenting a picture of socialism which has not worked in any society for the long term, as people have a desire to control their own destiny without interference from anyone or any form of government that attempts to stymie their chance for a better life.

Capitalism (with all its faults) has allowed individuals to reach for the stars and be a whole person.

Naturally, when you are free to make your own choices, failure could be the results. However, capitalism offers you the chance to try and try again. Is life out in the world scary? You bet, but if you want to gain strength and confidence in yourself and be your own person, socialism has no place in your life.

I also must address the female student who discussed the issue of abortion, which she says should the choice of the woman because without that choice, there would be government’s oppression leading to chaos in a society. What she does not understand is that abortion has depleted our work force and has eliminated many young minds that could have been beneficial to our society. Additionally, something to consider is what it does to the mental stress of the women who have chosen to destroy their offsprings. I can find nothing abortion contributes to a society.

Also, after much research, I find that the only female animal that kills her young voluntarily is the human animal. Scholars say we are at the top of the animal kingdom; however, the voluntary killing of our successors seems to put us at the bottom of the animal kingdom in regards to the survival of our species.

Young folks, be sure what change you support is best for you, your future family and this nation. You are the ones to carry on the banner which so many men and women have fought and died for. Do not take their sacrifices lightly.

Change is fine, but change can be a two-edged sword. Make sure the side you choose does not cut too deep.

Jim Threlkeld


Why lift watering ban with lake still low?

I’m shocked. In Saturday’s Times, one headline read: “State wants to ease water ban. Environmental officials unsure about restrictions.”

My first thought: Have any of these state officials that are busy drafting plans to ease Georgia’s water restrictions seen Lake Lanier lately? Have the environmentalists? They’re more than welcome and have a very close up look from my dock on the lake.

And they should be sent a daily report on lake levels. Then they can read what I’ve been reading in The Times daily: Lake Lanier’s level is 1,051.47 feet, give or take 0.01 or 0.02 feet plus or minus on any given day these past months. Full pool is 1,071 feet.

Can these state officials and environmentalists please check the math? I might be wrong, but in my calculation this is still almost all the 20 feet less that we had end of last year. Then, everybody, up to the governor, was up in arms to get the Army Corps of Engineers to stop draining our lake. Lawsuits were started and were not followed through, the tri-state water war came to a brief halt with a temporary agreement that was backed out of before the ink was dry. And now the water ban will be up for grabs to get political points, I guess. Well, I’m shocked!

When I look at our lake, my only conclusion can be: yes we’re still in a drought, yes Lake Lanier is still way down in level. But strangely enough, it seems that Lake Lanier, the top lake in the water chain, seems to fare worse than other lakes downstream. West Point Lake is only 9 feet below full pool. Are you wondering, like I am, how that lake came up from 15 feet lower to this level in the same months that Lake Lanier rose 0.01 feet?

The Public Utilities Department got complimented recently with accomplishing to get water use down with the state mandated 10 percent. I am glad all the residents’ and industries’ efforts were bringing in these results.

So I’m shocked when I read that new developments are planned and rezoning is granted for future developments. Even more shocked when I read that front lawns are mandatory for these new houses. Where is the water for these new residents and the water to water these lawns coming from? From our 10 percent “savings”?

Why is it even a consideration to sell water to neighboring counties, which are in a different watershed.

That water is forever lost, not to say wasted, for the Chattahoochee watershed. Is that why we try to do with less water?

And yes, my yard suffers from the drought, but I’d rather drink water, cook, bathe and clean than have a lush yard.

I am shocked at the shortsightedness of officials who think that when we can save 10 percent of our precious commodity, that they can spend it as fast as they can. And I’m even more shocked that it can come to mind of state officials, some of which must drive by Lake Lanier to go home to Hall County, to reverse (some of) the water ban restrictions.

What is there to be unsure about? Can you see why I am shocked? Are you?

Ellen Claessen