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Your Views: Unions should not be dictating government policies to nation
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I've offered comments before pertaining to labor unions and many of the diverse effects they can have on our economy and even the stability of our nation if they are not held in check by some common sense limits.

The news in Wisconsin, as to the rift between the governor and the teacher's union is a good example.

Wisconsin, as I understand it, is more than a billion dollars in the red due to the spending practices of the past Democratic administration and understandable cuts have to be made. These educators have been asked to assume about 20 percent of the cost for their health care and retirement premiums but the union has refused. These concessions fall into the area of entitlement benefits, not salary.

I am a member of the U.A.W. Local 10 union. I do not diminish many of the good things that they did for me during my employment. However, the rules that unions play in our society has changed drastically over the years. They were never meant to dictate policy for our nation or exercise the influence they now enjoy over the affairs nationally that affect all our lives, thanks in part to our spineless, incompetent chief executive, Barack Obama.

Make no mistake, folks, we are headed to "hard times" greater than anything you can imagine if we don't change the direction we're headed.

We have abandoned the principles our nation was founded on. We thumbed our noses at our creator and the lessons he installed into his word. Evidently, nothing is unacceptable, no absolutes to live by.

America, the country I love, is slipping closer and closer to obscurity, and it grieves my heart. Bible prophesy is being fulfilled whether we choose to believe it or not and the prospects for our future are dismal to say the least.

May almighty God have mercy on us all if we don't act quickly.

Mickey Montgomery