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Your Views: Those who prefer big government are out of touch
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I've always thought it nice and good that The Times offers us readers a broad spectrum of opinion on its editorial pages. Saturday's piece by Cokie and Steve Roberts proves again that they replaced their own creative opinion years ago with the liberal party line.

The message of this piece is the exact same liberal propaganda that has emanated from the liberal press for months: The American citizens who no longer trust the federal government are fine folks, just misguided. But if they continue to show their mistrust of the almighty federal government by meeting in public places, we will be justified in calling them federal government haters and seditionists.

Once we, the mighty liberal press and true voice of this nation, call these citizens "haters and seditionists," the federal government, run by the Chicago and San Francisco machines, will be completely justified in whatever action it takes to move against these 50-plus year-old revolutionaries and their successful, grown children, who moved out of their houses a long time ago.

The funny part is that more than 80 percent of the readers of their columns, now distrust not the federal workers that they list for us but the overwhelmingly large group of liberal Republicans and Democrats who, for 90 years, have been taking our constitutional rights away from us in both houses of Congress and in the federal courts.

Eighty percent of us from Alaska to the Florida Keys, excluding clueless Key West, now know how to restore at least some of our most basic rights: Get off our sore butts and rally, and then go vote only for conservatives, beginning at the lowest level of government and then right to the top.

See you at the polls.

Rick Frommer