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Your Views: There is nothing un-American about questioning our leaders
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In response to the letter by Nedra Palmer on Friday: Since when is it unpatriotic to question the qualifications of our civic leaders?

It isn’t pandering to hatemongers or being racist to want leaders who are properly qualified to fill the position, to represent our wishes, to keep our country strong. Our president has consistently failed to comply with our election laws and processes. If Mr. Obama would simply produce his passport that he used to travel to the Mideast and Pakistan in the 1980s, this would establish what country he has established as his residency.

This man has failed to represent us properly in nations all over the world, bowing to a Saudi king and the prime minister of Japan, apologizing for our arrogance and prosperity while insulting our allies. Not everyone wants to bury their head in the sand and blindly allow this country to disappear as a proud nation going quietly into the night.

Rickey E. Tumlin

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