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Your Views: Teachers prove worth through selfless acts
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A July 23 story about local teachers who are planning to go to work on their furlough days without pay is another example of the dedication and selfless behavior we have seen from educators and many other state employees during the current economic crisis.

Teachers in districts across the state have bought their own supplies, cut costs and even voted to reduce their own pay to preserve the jobs of other school system employees. They do this despite frequent criticism from politicians and the media, because they believe what they do is vitally important and they love the children they have dedicated their lives to teaching.

Contrast this sacrifice with the behavior of many corporate CEOs and financial industry executives who receive base salaries many times that of a teacher. They just can’t seem to get motivated to do their best at their jobs without huge yearly bonuses whether their performance merits it or not.

Ironically, it is this latter group that is responsible in the first place for the economic meltdown that has caused the teachers and others so much pain. Now that the government has bailed them out of any consequences for their irresponsible behavior, they are ready to go right back to business as usual.

I don’t think we have to wonder which of these two groups are true American heroes and which deserves little more than a swift kick in the pants.

Masters of the universe indeed.

Bryan Sorohan