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Your Views: Stimulus plan is just a stunt; cut gas taxes instead
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I have a thought for President Bush, Gov. Perdue and our senators, Chambliss and Isakson. Let's see if you're really serious about getting a fix on the financial state of the union.

Say "no" to the stimulus bill and say "yes" to a freeze on the gasoline tax. Even go as far as getting the nation's states on board, too. That way everyone is in a win-win situation.

We can do away with all those costly and useless entitlements that y'all have to go through now with that stimulus bill. All of that will cost the taxpayers more money anyway, and then you'll be crying for more taxes to cover your you-know-whats again.

This freeze could be enacted quickly and not have to cut down a forest to mail out those silly checks that really do nothing to help anybody. Sorry, guys; guess the purchase of an iPhone or some other gadget will have to wait.

We need government working for the people who pay taxes and make the right decision when and how to buy a home, not the 1 percent who gambled and lost. That means 99 percent of us got it right and we're working hard to keep the American dream alive in our communities.

Shame on Congress for pushing the financial sector to open up the playing field to create this subprime mess. Betcha didn't think about that, but it's so easy to blame the shameful financial sector or builders and remain above it all by throwing cash at the masses.

This bandage routine is just a stunt to get votes for cash in an election year. That little amount that a family gets will do nothing to ease the real problem.

But if the GOP is driving this charge to freeze the gasoline tax through November, it might just get them the votes needed to recharge their batteries.

Jane Browder

There's much more to marriage than preacher
The reference here is to Monday's column on preparation for marriage. "Preacher is most important" was the page 3A header.

Actually, the preacher cannot perform a marriage ceremony without a marriage license; thus the need of preacher is second to the need of the license. The truth is, a couple wishing to marry must purchase a marriage license at the courthouse. It is the state and not the church that grants permission to wed. It is a legal and not a Christian matter.

The pastor, when conducting a marriage ceremony, is an agent of the state. In reality, the Christian church has no biblical authority as to whether a couple can marry or not. The truth is there are marriage celebrations and wedding celebrations mentioned in the Bible but there is not one instance given of a priest, rabbi or any church official conducting the actual ceremony. I know this bucks about 1,700 years of tradition, but biblical authority is greater than human tradition.

I am a retired clergyman and if a man and woman present me with a authentic marriage license I will most likely conduct the ceremony.

George C. Kaulbach