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Your Views: State agribusiness needs an upgrade
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Georgia's ports play a vital role in the success of the state's dynamic farm and agribusiness economies.

The global market is extremely competitive, and efficient access to our global trading partners through Georgia's modern port facilities provides an advantage for the state's agricultural producers that must be maintained in the future. Improving the port at Savannah by deepening the harbor is an important part of maintaining that advantage.

Food and fiber production and processing is a $54.4 billion industry in Georgia, accounting for more than 8 percent of the state's economy and close to one-third of all employment in the manufacturing and processing arena.

The $15 billion per year poultry industry depends heavily on international trade, and its importance will only grow in the future.

Georgia's agricultural economy will continue to be linked to the international marketplace. For this reason and many more, it is important for Georgia's ports to maintain an advantage over its competitors. Deepening the Savannah harbor to accommodate the ships of tomorrow is vital to the continued health of our state's agricultural economy.

Abit Massey, President
Mike Giles, Senior Vice President
Georgia Poultry Federation, Gainesville

Money spent on Sunnis could aid vets, workers
We have been told that the U.S. is paying each Iraqi Sunni $300 a month not to fight us. Just think what that much money would do to take good care of our veterans. That much money would help make Atlanta better.

Many followed Reagan and Bush into deregulating and supporting big business so they would create jobs that would "trickle down," but not in America. Those jobs have galloped to other countries, such as India, for cheap labor. This is evidenced by the slowdown even of incoming Mexicans because of lack of work here.

John McCain thinks our finances are "fundamentally strong" and is really interested in "forming a commission" to study this. Come on. Commissions only delay action; everyone knows this.

We need to support the workers again in our country and we really are more than ready for a Democrat to be in the White House.

Nedra B. Palmer
Flowery Branch

Deputies with radar make driving safer
Sunday morning, I was going to Flowery Branch to church, like on any other Sunday. Thank God the deputies were out with their radar.

I have been pushed going through the construction area in Oakwood for some time now. I have nearly had my front end of my car taken off. I have seen road rage several times, and I think it needs to be stopped.

I have two to three kids in my car and had one person ride my bumper so close that if I had of just tapped my brakes, he would have plowed me.

Thank you Hall County. Just be there again next Sunday, or any other day.

Jeanny Helton