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Your Views: Spending for education is an investment
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In economically tough times, one must evaluate spending and investing. Spending is the process of putting money out without expectation of return. Investing is putting money into something with the hope or expectation of a positive return in the future.

Therefore, government spending should include roads, services, buildings, vehicles, disposable goods, etc., while investing incorporates all those things that will result in a greater return for the future. If you withhold investment, your return will incontrovertibly be less.

Education of our youth is not spending. It is investing. Anyone without that understanding either has little education, or they have a very short or prideful memory.

As educators get laid off this week, we should all be asking, "What effect will this have on my child?" Because it will be far reaching.

Georgia leaders treat education as spending rather than investing. Less investment equals less return. Politicians supporting these cuts aren't putting much more emphasis on education than they are on paving roads or quality care for convicts.

The impact these politicians have on our children while making these cuts will only result in negative consequences. How's that for a legacy?

Joseph Haulbrook

Time to take back government from politicians; vote against all incumbents
The American people need to wake up and take back control of our government before it is lost forever. The way to do it is really very simple and it does not involve one party over another. It eliminates the need for political pork and paybacks to those contributors that got congressional members elected in the first place.

What's the big dirty little secret that eliminates the waste in Washington? It's very simple: Just go to the primaries and vote against all incumbents. It doesn't matter whether they are Democrats or Republicans. Vote for the same party if you wish, but vote out the incumbent.

With our own self-imposed term limits, we will start to get people that serve their country and then go back home. We will have members of Congress who are in touch with the people that put them in office and will act to serve our wishes.

Let's pay them well for their time served, but there should be no need for a lifetime pension. As it stands now, they are set for life even after serving a short time.

Aren't you tired of being lied to only to get them elected? Why is it that they blame everyone else but themselves for the mess we are in? They pass all laws and spending bills in this country. They are spending money like a bunch of drunken sailors in port with no regard for the future.

If we ran our homes and businesses like they do, we would be broke or in jail. Try not paying your income taxes and see where you get your next meal served. Why would anyone want to take the risk to expand their businesses or work harder to make more money, if it just means a higher tax bracket and less income for your efforts?

You better wake up, before it's too late and you have no rights or freedoms left.

Bill Bollenbach