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Your Views: Social Security may not be there for those who have paid into it
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As I sit here reading the newspaper, all I see is bad news. I am depressed, discouraged, and made as a hornet.

This morning, they tell us Social Security needs to be amended or go insolent. I got my Social Security card at age 12 and I have been paying into it for 56 years. It was intended to be a retirement supplement for those of us who have actually worked all our lives to be able to survive when we got old, but President Lyndon Johnson, another Democrat, moved it into the general fund to be squandered away.

On a number of occasions, I've been to the Social Security office only to witness people of any age and origin with their hands out, seeking to cash in on money I know they could never have contributed to. I'm told on television and our newspaper that in actuality that only about 50 percent of those in our country ever pay any income tax.

I am 68, retired and living on a fixed income. I've never taken any welfare or government assistance of any kind. I would gladly go back to work if a job was available, but thanks to this inexperienced, arrogant numbskull we have in the White House, no jobs are available. My undying gratitude for those of you who still persist in supporting this nut.

I urge any and all who are as fed up as I am to turn out in November and vote out these crooks in congress and impeach this president ASAP. I love my country but I hate what Obama and his cronies have done to it.

Mickey Montgomery

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