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Your Views: Set politics aside; unite behind our new president
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The ballots have all been counted and the results are in: Barack Obama will be the new president of the United States.

I did not cast my vote for Obama. However, the age-old saying applies, "grace in losing is as important as humility in winning." The point remains that we still live in the greatest nation on Earth, and we are all in this together working toward one common goal.

Even if he did not get your vote, Obama is an intelligent man who has accomplished a lot at a young age. I think the beauty of America is that, living in a democracy, we accept our choice as a people and get behind our president. Criticisms, negativity and dwelling on "what ifs" are counterproductive to fixing the problems our country is facing.

Partisan politics aside, let's see how far we've come. America proves itself time and time again to be the land of opportunity. Now that the election is over, it is time to focus on the issues, seeing past the lines that divide our parties and coming together as Americans to fight and make sure this country continues to be the greatest place in the world.

There are ways for each and every one of us to get involved and shape our country. Mr. President: I hope we can. You have my support.

Rachel Thomas

Signs were a popular target during campaign
Being a political junkie, former Republican, then independent but now a proud Democrat, my hopes were extremely high for victory this election cycle. My confidence was buoyed every day by the tremendous popularity of Obama-Biden signs which are desired by Democrats and Republicans.

Both political parties wanted them! As quickly as we put them out, they were snatched away by the local opponents of free speech.

I suppose these signs will be displayed as historical proof to future generations that they were there collecting these priceless souvenirs while violating one of the Ten Commandments.

Bob Barton

Medicare drug premiums went up
I received my renewal notice from my insurance company on Medicare Part D prescription drugs last week and was shocked to say the least.

My premium went up 40 percent. My co-pay on name-brand drugs went up 60 percent and on generic drugs 75 percent. And Lord help if you were prescribed a nonpreferred name brand.

I don't believe that I will be the only one to receive this shock because I looked up other carriers in the Medicare handbook and they are as bad, if not worse. Even Medicare did not raise its premium on Medicare Part B this year.

I would like to hear from others and see if they are as surprised as I am about the "good news." I have a hard time understanding how these insurance carriers can justify these rates of increase in these times of economic downturn. I guess they are trying to increase their profits so all the CEOs can leave in four to five years with a $50-60 million bonus at the expense of the elderly.

Linwood Hudson

Support new president for what he can do
I am writing this because I really don't understand why people are making this new era in our fine county a black and white issue.

My family is white, and supported and will continue to support our new president. He is referred to as a black man, but it is my understanding that he is equally white.

I also shed some tears when Barack Obama won, but not because of his color; because I hope he will do as he says and will help heal this country and make the changes this country needs.

Let's not focus so much on the black and white. I am hoping, because he is what he is, he will understand the trials of all the people and do what is right to unite all people and our country, to fix what has been so wrong for all of us.

Cindy Modzelewski
Flowery Branch

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