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Your Views; President takes time off while Congress spends our tax dollars
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Again we have our No. 1 leader and his family on a vacation trip at taxpayers’ expense. How many 747s do you think it took to go to Hawaii? How much is it costing us?

I cannot remember any president taking so many vacations. Nor can I remember when I felt free to work out a week being away for myself. I wonder if it’s because of this "set for failure" health care bill that just past. That had to be so stressful; after all, the taxpayers are the ones to pay for this piece of legislation.

We could take what it cost for the president to take this vacation and apply it to the expense of this new medical plan. That would take a nice chunk out of our cost of this bill.

I have a Canadian friend who says if they need to see a doctor quickly, they cross the border into the U.S. rather than wait as much as a year in their own country. So are we gaining any advantage through this bill? It is so much like the Canadian health care.

Not only is the president to blame, but we have members of Congress who voted on this bill. I have heard on the news some were bought out by trading "I’ll support your bill if you will help us with this one." Do you think there was any concern in us little fellows at the local level? None! This bill passed by politicians, not by the people the very principle our nation was founded on.

I’m ready to clean house in D.C. and elect a brand new set. Maybe we’ll have somebody in there who has taxpayers in mind. I believe if we make it until election time again there is going to be some major turnover.

The elegant politician who delivers such wonderful and appealing speeches is finding himself stuttering when he answers hard questions. Have you noticed? I also am thinking he doesn’t even balance his own checkbook, let alone balance a budget.

Our national debt is climbing and definitely will climb with this new bill. Of course, we can borrow from China as long as they are willing, and they will be. Sooner or later, they will own our country. That scares me.

We have troops dying in Iraq and Afghanistan but a medical bill took attention away from the troops serving our country who were completely ignored. What a shame that social matters and vacations should be right at the top of the list. The story goes he was struggling with sending more troops that his hand-picked man requested, saying it would take them to win the war. He finally sent about two-thirds of the requested number.

I believe this is the second vacation in less than nine months and probably a record for any president having been in office less than one year. The last time I checked, I had to work for a year before I was eligible for a one-week vacation.

Bobby Slaton

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