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Your Views: Power of sun better, cheaper than nuclear
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Anyone who says Georgia doesn't have enough sun to produce renewable solar power needs to wash their windows. Just go sit in your car for an hour when it's 33 degrees outside even on a moderately cloudy day and you will feel the power of the sun.

That's solar power and the energy is out there for the taking.

We have as much sun as any state in the U.S. If our representatives and Public Service Commission members don't admit this, they have been brainwashed by those smart Georgia Power lobbyists. Those guys are supposed to be smart, but I wonder.

It's nuclear power that is nonrenewable, dirty, toxic and cancer-causing.

Uranium supply is not unlimited. Its waste is radioactive for thousands of years. It must be kept under water for years until it cools down so it won't start fires. And it costs a fortune to construct one of those plants, as we found out when Plant Vogtle was built.

Now they want to make the same mistake again and make us ratepayers pay up front. The cost has nearly tripled since 2007, which is why they need the big subsidies.

If nuclear power is so wonderful, why does it require billions in loan guarantees on top of the $10.5 billion already given by the last administration? That's what is luring the new construction plan.

Tell your senators and representatives. The meltdown you prevent could be just down the road. Call them at 202-224-3121.

Adele Kushner

Buffoons in DC should stop grandstanding
What an insult to American citizens to have their legislators posturing and grandstanding in Washington over AIG bonuses. And while Washington was burning, the chief buffoon was in Hollywood fiddling.

The AIG bonuses totaled less than one-tenth of 1 percent of the total AIG giveaway. This is a pittance compared to the billions that the politicians gave away and lost in their efforts to nationalize the banking industry.

Constituents are intelligent, astute and angry about this latest smoke screen of politicians trying to cover their transgressions. Better the politicians clean up their own house, purge some of their own members and get out of the business of trying to run businesses.

How can politicians continue this farce in the face of real time news and reporting over the Internet? The days of "deals" in smoke filled rooms are over. Votes in any session of Congress are available real time. Al Gore's Internet has made hiding impossible. The politicians' activities become public knowledge at the speed of light.

Call our senators and tell them you don't want any more grandstanding. Showtime is over. It's time to go back to work on critical issues concerning the economy. It is time to model legislation on the national level after Georgia's most recent plan that helps businesses succeed.

Call Saxby Chambliss at 202-224-3521 and Johnny Isakson at 202-224-3643 and tell them to get off the stage and back into the Senate. Remind Johnny he's up for re-election in 2010, by the way.

Zeb Blanchard