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Your Views: Politicians should be the ones taking unpaid furloughs
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To our elected Democrats and Republicans, I feel I need to reply to some surveys I have gotten through the mail from both parties. Your surveys just do not ask the questions I think most citizens want to know.

They always ask about abortions, unions, Bush's terrorist policies and Obama's terrorist policy. And while these are important, the things I would love to see empathized would be a bill to outlaw lobbyists.

See if we citizens can get the same medical coverage you have. Since the economy is bad and every government system — city, state, and federal — all are in financial distress and these governments are giving unpaid furloughs to policemen, deputies, firefighters, prison guards and all these people who safeguard our citizens. In my mind, they are most important people in any metro city or state.

Why can't you people take unpaid furloughs? Take a couple of months if you want, just as long as it's unpaid. I know it would not make a dent in helping the deficit, but it sure would set a good example.

Send a questionnaire and ask citizens what in your opinion is the most dishonest occupation? Do you think the majority would say politics?

Neil Boykin

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