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Your Views: Phillips served well as animal control chief
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When I saw that Rick Phillips was retiring from his post as head of Hall County Animal Control, I could not help but think on the many times Rick and his people have helped me when I had problems.

As director of the Hall County Sheriff's Department Victim-Witness Assistance Unit, and my partners and I have had times when we ran into "animal situations" that needed the expertise of Animal Control.

Not once did Rick or his crew refuse our calls or refuse to help us in a way that preserved the lives of much-loved pets of the victims we were serving.

And on personal calls, Animal Control was just as responsive. I know this type of service is merely a reflection of Rick's belief in service to his community and his work ethic.

No matter who takes the reins out at Animal Control, he or she will never be able to fill Rick's shoes. However, because Rick makes sure "his people" are well trained and motivated, I bet this new person will create a legacy of their own.

Hall County is so lucky to have had a public servant, and friend, like Rick Phillips. I will miss his fun ways, his can-do and will-do attitude and his ability to get a tough, tough job done.

I suspect I speak for many, many folks when I wish Rick a great future.

Bimbo Brewer

County, city blessed with great law enforcement leaders
It was mentioned at the Hall County Republican County Convention held March 15 that we have two outstanding law enforcement officials in our county and city, and commendations are in order.

Sheriff Steve Cronic has been named Sheriff of the Year and Gainesville Police Chief Frank Hooper has been named Police Chief of the Year. It is our understanding that these awards are not handed out lightly and only those exhibiting the highest degree of efficiency and professionalism are chosen.

It would be an honor for our county and city to have either of these men chosen, but for both to receive this award is outstanding!

These men are very dedicated individuals and are highly deserving of this award. We are very proud of them and all the dedicated men and women who make up their respective departments. There is also another feather in the sheriff's office cap for receiving the renewal of its nation accreditation.

We are very thankful they are out there protecting us.

Bethel Midgett