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Your Views: Peaceful snow scene marred by adults on noisy, annoying ATVs
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As the snow continued to fall Friday evening, it was peaceful. Children were tossing snowballs in their yards, people walking about, the look and sounds of a perfect winter scene.

Until adults on ATVs took over. I guess the snow blurs the mind as these individuals rooster-tailed through not only their yards — they went through several front yards up and down the street, paying little regard to property lines.

The peaceful winter night was shattered as the noise and headlights continued.

If people wonder why there are problems with kids not respecting authority or property, one need look no further than the "parenting" some adults display. The next generation looks for leadership, and when that leadership does not respect law and rights of others and their property, down the toilet society goes.

So often, a few ruin it for the many. Case in point Friday night. Thanks guys.

Jim O'Dell
Flowery Branch

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