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Your Views: Our nation was founded on tolerance for other beliefs
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I am writing in reference to the letter by Dr. Tom Smiley wrote concerning building bridges with Muslims and other "cultic" groups. I am sure Dr. Smiley has built many bridges in the Gainesville community with other religions and perhaps has shown his love to others. I do not know him personally, but from what I know of pastors, this is what pastors do, they build bridges and love.

What was this great country founded on? Why did the Pilgrims come to America? Was it not to escape the religious persecution that ran rampant in Europe in the Dark Ages? And there are yet many still coming to America today who are escaping a tidal wave of hatred toward many religious sects and cults in the world today.

I say that we should follow and live what our forefathers have built this great country on, which is to ensure the peace and tranquility they have in respect to religion and other freedoms.

We live in such a great country, and I am grateful we have such freedoms granted to us by a power unseen, but is constantly watching over us and protecting us. I am grateful for those who have set an example for us, to give others who may not believe as we do, a chance to live in this great country.

I am also grateful for the many men and women who have fought for and founded this great country. What a wonderful country we live in!

Amber Jameson