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Your Views: Obama still shows no signs that he understand our real problems
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I listened to the president give his State of the Union address, perhaps hoping he might finally address our most pressing concerns. However, just more empty rhetoric about more big government. President Barack Obama is hopeless. He just doesn't get it, and he never will.

Big government and Obama's unending list of failed policies are not the solution to the problems facing our nation. They are the problem.

This president can't possibly be as clueless as he appears to be. He is, in my humble opinion, an incurable ideologue. The illogical, incompetent style of government he has exhibited for the last two years is unacceptable.

We have lost most of our industrial might to other nations due to unreasonable dreams from unions nationwide, unions backed and supported by this president and his administration, filled with people who possess a radical agenda and a hate for our nation.

Our nation was founded on the belief in a government of, for and by the people and by the providence of our creator, almighty God. I have seen little or no evidence that our national leaders share or exercise this belief. History will attest to the fact that any and all nations that abandoned a faith in God faded into obscurity. Unless we make needed changes in our direction, we're next.

I dread the possibilities ahead for us if we don't acknowledge this. The alternatives are too terrible to comprehend. May our God and our creator have mercy on us all.

Mickey Montgomery