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Your Views: Obama makes false promises to build up hopes
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In his speech last Monday in Cleveland, Ohio, President Barack Obama boldly stated "forget about the polls." It is widely known that several major, viable polls have shown that 67 percent to 73 percent of Americans are not in favor of this so-called health care reform bill.

He stated in his speech that "this is the reason we need health reform now," referring to the individual present at the meeting who was ill and lost her insurance when leaving her job. What a false and deceptive statement from Obama. A statement that might give the individual at the meeting, as well as thousands of others, false hope that they will have immediate government health care.

Obama's plan won't be initiated until approximately 2014, four years from now. He should be ashamed for giving these folks false hope, just as he did to the lady in Florida and others during the campaign who said that Obama was going to make her rich.

Millions of older folks might be living under false hope when they find their medicine treatments have been cut as a result of Obama's "fix" short-changing the system (half a trillion dollars taken out and 30 million people added to the program).

When Obama was campaigning and first made the statement that he wanted to "fix" our health care, my initial response was "why fix it, we have the greatest health care system in the world."

During that same time, he mentioned the plight of his mother obtaining insurance with a pre-existing condition. Obama is supposed to be an intelligent person. I am amazed that with his education and intelligence, he did not understand the principles of insurance. This lack of understanding shows, again, his total lack of understanding business. Also, I am amazed that he didn't entreat his mother to purchase insurance early on or buy it for her.

I believe Obama has a vendetta against the insurance industry. He has mentioned the insurance business negatively several times. Again, he has misplaced responsibility. I believe he is more responsible for his mother's plight than the insurance company. Overall, the insurance business has been very good for Americans.

I think Obama needs to mature and learn to respect the opinions of the majority in this great country, as well as the plans set by the conservative aspect of the country and Congress.

In addition, he needs to learn to be honest with the nation, instead of throwing out misleading and deceptive statements.

Jerry Titlow

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