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Your Views: Obama lacks experience, but so did Lincoln
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In his Tuesday column, Ted Oglesby wrote, concerning Barack Obama, "never mind that he is surely the least experienced, least accomplished, least prepared, and least qualified in our history."

This remark is stated as if it is an absolute fact, yet Mr. Obama spent the same number of years in his state legislature, and the same number of years in Congress in Washington as did another president. That was Abraham Lincoln, certainly one of our greatest leaders.

Perhaps Mr. Oglesby has some type of meter that tells him who is more and less experienced, qualified, prepared and accomplished. Or, perhaps this is just his opinion, but he would like to represent this as fact.

Edward Kelly

Difference with Obama is not based on race
I want to comment on Michael Jackson's letter because he seems to be assuming that those of us who did not vote for Barack Obama did so due to his skin color.

Hall County tends to lean to the conservative side and has for a long time. Having "only 24 percent of voters vote for Barack Obama" was consistent with past elections.

Mr. Jackson says he overheard people saying "someone is going to assassinate him." I hope no one wants to assassinate President Obama. If they do, they have a real problem and I hope any plans will be stopped by our police.

Keep in mind there were radio personalities and movie stars asking for the assassination of President Bush and no one seemed to care. That is no different and should not have been tolerated either, but it was by many Americans because he is a conservative.

I don't like for anyone to threaten or be nasty towards our president. Disagreeing with him is different and very much American.

I think the "negativity" which Mr. Jackson spoke of comes from the "change" President Obama has promised. Those of us who have lived within our means, saved and obeyed laws don't like the fact that our taxes are going to be raised to "bailout" other people's homes and credit cards. Plus, there is talk of amnesty for the 20 million Mexicans who came here illegally and cost us billions of dollars a year. The government has done us, the American citizen, wrong and we are tired of it.

Phrases like "spread the wealth" are offensive to me. I am a very generous person and I believe as Americans we should be able to chose who we want to help out either through charities or individuals who are in need. The government should not be taking our hard earned money through force and giving it to whoever they see worthy. With this new "spread the wealth" attitude, how long will it be before there are no productive people left?

We already have 40 percent of Americans who pay no federal taxes. The top 1 percent pays more than 40 percent of federal taxes, yet only makes 19 percent of the money. Mr. Obama doesn't think that is enough, I think it's wrong.

I don't blame Mr. Obama for this change in attitude from "self reliance" to "government dependence." It has been slowly working towards this for years. We have had many in Congress who have kept themselves in power by promising people that "the rich will pay." Do you realize the definition of "rich" has changed many times over this election cycle? You may now be "rich."

Congress has an approval rating of about 9 percent. That's less than Mr. Bush and he was the only one catching heat.

Mr. Jackson is right in saying "it's not about color anymore, it's what can you do for your country."
The best thing we can all do is be self reliant Americans. That is the principle this great nation was founded on and it is the only one that will keep us free and prosperous.

I wish our new president well and I truly hope he does great things with his time in office.

Kellie Weeks

Hall's SPLOST is just another tax increase
I don't know about you, but I'm ready for some relief. Tax relief, that is.

I agree with Kevin Jarrard and hope that folks recognize SPLOST VI for what it is: a tax hike.

And referring to the $53 million water and sewer portion of the tax, I think it's interesting that the current commission chief called sewer service on Ga. 365 the "sewer to nowhere" during his bid for election.
I think I'll vote against SPLOST VI, or get some Gas-X. Either would have the same effect.

Rick Chapman

New requirements to serve as president
Proposed additional requirements to qualify for election as president of the United States.

Section 1 of Article 2 of the U.S. Constitution states that a president must: Be a natural born citizen of the United States; be at least 35 years old; and have lived in the U.S. for at least 14 years.

In addition, the 22nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states that a president may not serve more than two terms of four years each, even if they have only served as president for two or more years of one of those terms.

Here are proposed additional requirements:

Education: A masters degree majoring in world history, political science, economics, law or related fields from an established U.S. university. That should include courses in public speaking or debate. A broadly based education is preferable over one that is highly specialized. Overall GPA: 3.0 or higher.

Pass a civil service exam with grade presented for public review and comparison with grades of other candidates.

Served successfully in a senior public office, preferably governor of a state.

Served successfully in the military, preferably in a command position with combat experience.
Humanitarian experience, demonstrated concern by actively working with an established organization to provide relief, training, jobs, education, etc. to the underprivileged.

No evidence of racial intolerance. The only race is human.

Squeaky clean criminal record.

Pass a drug test.

A role model for Americans: no philandering, no scandals of any kind.

Religious, demonstrated long term belief in a divine creator. We didn't just create ourselves.

Fiscally responsible with public funds and personal debt. Excellent credit scores.

Charismatic and acceptable as the face of the nation to the rest of the world. (This is not quantifiable, but something every voter should consider.)

William H. Leagan

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