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Your Views: Obama jumps to conclusions, stupidly condemns law officer
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Our president has again opened his mouth and as us Southerners often say, "insert foot." Another way of saying it is that he put his mouth in motion before he got his brain in gear. Now lets see who is stupid.

He made comments about an issue between a police officer and a civilian that he knew not nearly enough about and really was no federal matter. This is nothing new after all, is it? He seems to be sticking his foot in his mouth a lot lately. Can we only imagine what he may have said "stupidly" as he jetted around the world meeting with heads of nations behind closed doors?

Some of those he met with have been our enemies for years. Scary, isn't it?

I personally took these remarks as an insult, having relatives and friends who have served our country in law enforcement as well as armed forces. If the president could listen to some of their stories, he might realize danger for those are not necessarily on foreign soil or at the White House, which is by the way, surrounded by security.

Law enforcement personnel stand between us and danger every day, in many cases laying their life on the line. I can't help but wonder how his security team feels? Do you think they feel appreciated at all after his remarks?

This is not a racial issue. Living in a color-mixed neighborhood, where if any of those neighbors called to report on something suspicious at my house, I would appreciate a law officer showing up and confronting whomever they found. In this case, according to the news reports, Mr. Gates refused to show identification. Why wouldn't anybody produce identification unless it was an opportunity to cause a ruckus or had some unthinkable motive in mind? Good opportunity for free news recognition, right?

The accusing man is so "untouchable." He holds an elevated position in life and should be setting an example, don't you think?

But instead, he chose to embarrass the police officer who came to secure his property. Gates should be thanking the officer kissing his feet as a matter of fact. An apology definitely is in order and is the least he can do.

I can only pray that this officer gets a book deal and makes millions. After all, the negative publicity he received was not deserved.

I just don't understand it. This is way beyond my ability to comprehend. My hat is off to this officer.

Bobby Slaton

People should get same health plan as our leaders
I am a retired plumber living on a fixed income. I am 73 years old. I have Medicare as my only insurance, and that is all I can afford. My wife and I had to move in with my daughter and her husband, that has brought me to shame.

I am asking one question of President Obama: Please don't discriminate. If your health care plan is not good enough for your family or Congress, why would you want to pass it on to the American people?

We are the ones that make up this great country. Should we not get the same as the Congress? We are the ones who voted them in and we can vote them out, and you, too!

Joe Chambers