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Your Views: Obama is showing little leadership so far
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I am very perplexed over our president's handling of the economics mess and other national affairs.

It is impossible to borrow yourself out of a financial strain. It does, however, extend the debt adding more to the debt in the form of interest and other charges deemed allowable by the lender. Since a large about of it is loans from China who knows what the deal is? As far as I can tell, it has only prolonged the agony.

They say they can build new roads, bridges, etc., with this money, thus putting people to work. But, have you noticed lately, riding past new construction on the highways, how many workers are actually working? There may be one or two people actually working. The rest are obviously supervisors, warming their hands in their pockets. And you'll also see others mounted on equipment, obviously engines running (smoke out of the pipes are hints), but not gainfully accomplishing anything.

Another worry I have: We continue going to China, a communist country, to borrow money. So doesn't that put the U.S. at risk because we become so obligated to them? They really don't give a hoot about us; in fact, they quite often end up on the "other side of the table" when the heads of nations get together for a conference. We become tied to the country that may very well become our staunt enemy.

Since I'm on a soapbox already, our president is in Europe hopscotching over to visit our friends and foes apologizing for the United States. I guess he's forgot about what WW I and WW II was about. Weren't we helping out our allies? So, we now are apologizing for that! There goes our reputation as "World Leader."

In all of this apologizing, he proudly announces to the world we are not a Christian nation. Excuse me? At the same time, he's patting the backs of hate organizations that have infiltrated our lands. This is a longshot from what he promised on the campaign trail just a few months ago. Also, on the campaign trail, he tried to align himself with a Christian organization, but now he is telling the world he was raised by other standards. That's the only part I believe.

The most recent thing that really got me was he had his family flown to Paris to meet him. The plane flew back home empty. Now that empty plane will fly back to pick up his family to return them home. But we're being ask to save our money. I suppose he is spreading the wealth around.

So what we have here is a president who has never been in the military, therefore no military experience; no foreign policy experience; never balanced a budget, doubtful he has ever balanced his checkbook; and has never run a corporation. Matter of fact, what has he ever done that qualifies him for the spot he is now filling?

No, I didn't vote for this one.

Bobby Slaton