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Your Views: Nobel Peace prize? Let me take a crack at it
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If I were president of the United States, I would bring our troops home. We have reached our objective to put them on our borders to repel would-be terrorists.

I would install a missile defense system to repel any nuclear missiles from entering our airspace. I would put our workers back to work by getting China out of the World Trade Organization; repeal the NAFTA treaty; make all foreign cars be crushed; start making our own cars again; open up our steel plants; and drill for and stop exporting our oil.

Stop our foreign aid altogether; make everyone who is here a citizen and not allow any more to cross our borders without going through proper channels. Relieve all older than 70 years of age of any taxes, including property taxes. Make all of our leaders survive on Social Security as do the rest of us. And finally, make term limits for all who serve this once great country to two years without any retirement.

Maybe then, I, too, could win the Nobel Peace prize instead of just talking about it.

Roger Keebaugh