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Your Views: No need to attach political motives to acts of madmen
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On Monday, Trevor Thomas wrote that the Tuscon shooter is a product of progressive values. Just when the clamor has begun to settle and the public realizes that some politicians, pundits, columnists and commentators spoke too soon and had no basis for blaming conservative political rhetoric, he errs in the same way by blaming the other side.

Most would agree with Thomas that the Tuscon shooter, Jared Loughner, has strayed far from God. The rest of his argument and logic just does not connect.

He states that this deranged young man's killing spree is much more a product of progressive values and influences than conservative ones.

I hope that in Thomas' next column, he will analyze the killing spree of another deranged young man, Timothy McVeigh, who murdered hundreds of innocent people in the Oklahoma City bombing of a federal building. McVeigh railed against government taxes, government mismanagement, gun control, the United Nations, threats to liberty, and had a wild-eyed devotion to the Declaration of Independence.

So perhaps we could agree that the cause stems from an uncontrolled mental illness, and a separation from God, and leave it at that, without attempting to assign blame to ones political or sociological adversaries.

Edward Kelly