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Your Views: Most of us didnt know we were poor until feds declared war
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It has been said that God must surely love poor folks because he made plenty of us.

I grew up in the era when most poor people in Hall County didn't even realize they were poor. Granted, there were people who appeared to be better off than most, but in reality all were in the same boat with similar problems and worries. So there were poor unfortunates sat - slim, dumb and happy.

During President Lyndon Johnson's administration, the United States declared a war on poor folks, disguised as a war on poverty. Prior to being told by bleeding-heart liberal do-gooders, most didn't realize that we were poor, much less poverty-stricken. As revealed in scripture, most God-fearing people accepted their lot in life as God's will and made the best of their pilgrimages from the womb to the tomb.

Be of good cheer, all you unfortunate, underprivileged, economically disadvantaged, poverty-stricken poor folk. I have good news. After decades of fighting the war on poverty, the United States is still losing and we are winning. Unlike the poor folk of yesteryear who were slim, dumb and happy, today's poverty-stricken folks are best described as obese, educated and miserable.

In my opinion, it's only a matter of time before the poor will be declared winners in America's war on poverty. While this idea may cause rejoicing and dancing in the streets, be ever mindful that to the victor go the spoils. Based upon the current mindset of contemporary America, the spoils of the war on poverty will most likely be manifested as loot and plunder.

William P. Clark
Flowery Branch


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