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Your Views: Most illegal immigrants do cross borders
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In response to a recent article supporting illegal immigration in to the U.S., the author is correct; not all illegal immigrants are from Mexico. Fifty seven percent are from Mexico, 24 percent are from other Latin American countries. This accounts for more than 81 percent of illegal immigrants. The remaining 9 percent come from Asia and 6 percent from Europe.

The total in the U.S. is at least 11 million, which does not include children born here who automatically become citizens and their children and so on. This is a 2008 estimate supplied by the federal government from Wikipedia Encyclopedia.

The main focus has to be on the border with Mexico because that is where over 80 percent are entering illegally. It becomes a corridor for potential terrorists from all parts of the world as well. Our security as a nation has to begin by protecting our borders first.

We must consider the costs of illegal immigration as well. The estimated cost to educate illegal aliens and their children is over $28.6 billion a year. In 2004, the estimated cost for Georgia was $952 million alone.

Health care is estimated to be $17 billion per year for children alone (USA Today). That's not to mention costs of incarceration and so on.

We have laws that must be obeyed and enforced. There are many wonderful Mexican people; we just need them to enter legally. Enforcing these laws greatly improves our national security as well.

Let us not forget we are at war, and the first line of defense is protecting our borders and citizens.

James Staub