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Your views: More signs would improve safety near road work
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In the Hall County area today, construction is everywhere. It is very understood that the construction needs to be done and is very overdue, but there are many ways in which the process can be made safer and easier on the drivers.

Whether it is entering into town or simply turning into a neighborhood, it is always a hassle, and even dangerous, to do so. The Hall County road expansion is long overdue, and it is a great process that can be taken more carefully while it is being done.

Last week on the Dawsonville Highway bridge, there was a pileup of cars due to the fact that the lanes merged much earlier than usual, and there was no sign saying so. There have also been many other accidents and barely avoided accidents in the Hall County area due to construction.

Of course, the construction process needs to continue, but more safety measures should be taken in order to keep the roads safe. Signs need to be properly placed right as a change is made and direction needs to be given in very confusing and new areas of the road.

Not only can the main roads be unsafe, but even finding how to get home is difficult. In one particular Gainesville neighborhood, the entrance has changed almost every day throughout the past week. One day, anyone entering the neighborhood had to drive over a six-inch dropoff and up another. Although this may not seem like much, what about those people with smaller, low-sitting cars?

The next day, there was a completely new entrance located down the road where much of the construction work was taking place. There is often machinery in the way of turning out of the neighborhood.

The construction being done in the Gainesville and Hall County area is a great task that will definitely pay off in the end. It is understood that it is a huge project and very hard to make completely clear and safe, but there are many ways to easily do so.

People should not have to jerk their car over when they realize that the road drastically shifts to the right, and people should not have to worry about how they are getting into their neighborhood that day. The simple solution is clearer signs and a little less carelessness.

Amanda Jones

Chestatee High School

Governor had a right to pray for rain

I read a letter in The Times on Dec. 6, that was very interesting, written by William P. Clark and entitled, "Prayer for rain was a farce with no effect."

I cannot say one way or the other about whether the prayer was a "farce" or not a "farce," but I can say that I am glad that the governor had the courage to exercise this right and freedom. His willingness to do so should be a big plus for the state of Georgia. He should be commended by the other governors of the United States.

It takes a lot of courage to stand up for what you feel is right, especially if it pertains to God. We need a lot more people to stand for what they feel is right, instead of just letting things slip by. Whether you are right or wrong, some people will criticize you anyway, without giving credit where credit is due.

Let God be the judge; after all He is the one who holds the power to give us what we ask for. The freedom we have to stand for what is right is no good if people don’t exercise their right to use it. The governor took a stand, and I for one, among many, agree with him.

Freedom and rights are precious gifts that cost many lives and valuable resources. They should be guarded with utmost care and responsibility. We see many people abusing them every day. On the evening news, you can see the results of abuses of rights and where freedom is abused to the extent that causes it to disappear gradually.

I take this stand because we must stand up or else we will lose our right and freedom to do so.

Jesse Jenkins


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