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Your Views: Mexicans not the only ones here illegally
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I'm constantly reading about immigration issues and it always leans to Mexican immigrants. This is a country that is our neighbor. It's almost impossible to get a visa to enter the U.S. legally.

You never hear statistics on how many "legal" immigrants that are in our country that are from countries that are miles across the ocean and are from the countries that commit acts of terrorism. What is up with that?

We can accept these people with open arms and turn our back on our neighboring country that has children starving and people living in cardboard shacks? What is wrong with the U.S.? You see ads on televison everyday asking for donations to help children get an education in countries, again, across the oceans, but what about the children in Mexico who can not go to school because there is no transportation to get them there?

You don't read anywhere of Mexican nationals trying to bomb buildings in the U.S. or committing other acts of terrorism. Why are we so hard on this group of people? They only want a better life. They can not help that they were born in Mexico. I guess it is okay to be a "legal immigrant" and conspire to do harm to this country. Our borders are letting too many "legal immigrants" in that are in positions and have connections to terrorist countries.

I don't think the issue should all be focused on Mexico.

Kathy Ledford

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