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Your Views: Massachusetts, thanks for standing up for our freedom
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Thank you, people of Massachusetts: You are indeed still patriots!

The original revolution in this country was carried out to a large degree in your great state. Can you say "tea party?" It appears the newest one was initiated there Tuesday with the election of Scott Brown as senator.

The rest of this country owes you our gratitude. You have helped prevent a dictatorial group of elected officials from robbing us of our Constitutional government and impacting our values and traditions.

Clearly you have demonstrated by your actions what all of us Americans would like to say to our government: It is not the party, it is the people who decide. You said it loud and clear with a very powerful weapon: The votes of free people.

What the leadership cannot seem to fathom is why we, as a country, are so disturbed by our current government. The abbreviated version goes something like this.

We are sick and tired of their aloofness and high- handed tactics. We have allowed them for too long to do whatever they want without we the citizens holding them accountable. It is time the people and the country are served not ruled.

Americans are honest, hard-working, giving people, and our government and elected officials should reflect those values and honesty. We don’t need backroom deals for votes to pass flawed legislation or to serve party interests.

Clearly the most serious priorities the government should be addressing are:

a. The economy and job creation. Where are all the stimulus dollars and jobs? No more bailouts; do not reward failure. Don’t tell us they are to "big to fail" while they spend our tax money rewarding themselves with huge bonuses. If the companies can’t compete let them go under. It is the way our capitalist system has worked and quite wellfor a long time.

b. Health care reform. Yes or those that don’t have it or can’t afford it. Take your time and do it right. It should be our choice. Surveys report that 85 percent of us are happy with what we have. If we want the Congressional plan and we can afford it, we should be able to have it.

c. Security of this country. No civil courts for terrorists. Some elected officials don’t seem to understand these folks want to kill us. Humane treatment, you bet. But these folks are the enemy and are not entitled to our court and justice system.

d. Ensure we finish the job in Iraq and Afghanistan and bring the troops home.

e. Ensure solvency of Social Security. Fund it and leave it alone. It has worked for more than 70 years. What other government program has?

Our government has never been perfect, but it should always be better that any other and defend and protect our Constitution.

Massachusetts, you sent the message. We hope they can comprehend it! Now it is up to the rest of us in this country to finish the job in 2010.

Jim Simpson

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