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Your Views: Many of Deaton Creeks residents favor development
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I read with interest Wednesday's article regarding the mixed-use development planned by Vintage Communities on Thompson Mill Road in Hall and Gwinnett counties. With one minor exception and two major concerns, I found the article to be a very good description of what Vintage Communities is planning.

My wife and I have lived in the Village of Deaton Creek for over a year and enjoy it very much. We and most of our neighbors are looking forward to the completion of this exciting commercial project at the entrance to our community.

The story stated that the project will be "the commercial portion of the Village of Deaton Creek." I have no reason to believe that the Village or this commercial development have any connection except that they are in close proximity to one another.

My major problem with the article is that it only quoted two residents of Deaton Creek. Of the two presentations made by Vintage Communities for the Deaton Creek residents, the quoted comments were the only negative ones expressed by the 170 residents that attended. A lot had some valid concerns and seemed satisfied with the responses they received from Eric Masaschi, vice-president of Vintage Communities.

Since the presentations last month, I have spoken with many of the residents and they have been overwhelmingly in favor of the development.

Herb Rusk

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