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Your Views: Lets say no to corporate welfare
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Stop making the rich richer and the poor poorer. If I have a financial problem, will the government step in and save me? No! And they shouldn't save greedy businessmen who have made bad decisions. Give the money to the people and let us invest in the economy. Not to mention that you are not even attempting to make sure we get the money back.

"We hope to get most if not all the money back." is the statement that I have heard from congressmen, senators and the president. That is not acceptable.

One bad financial decision on top of another one. Remember, two wrongs don't make a right. But we have the right to vote you all out of office and we will if this corporate welfare goes through.

Douglas Jund

Let the banks beg now
Monday I watched with glee as the bailout bill did not pass. Representatives say it will hurt the banking industry and the homeowners. I say "good." The bank has already taken my home, and I begged them not to. I was 45 days late on my payment, so now it is time for them to beg!

I hate it for the homeowners, because it is devastating.

Joe Chambers

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