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Your Views: Lets elect leaders who feather our nests, not their own
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Boo hoo. After spending a delightful 12-hour day at work, I was severely depressed to read that 10 states "face financial peril.

Dropping tax revenue, rising unemployment and yawning budget gaps are wreaking havoc in states from Arizona to Wisconsin, a new report shows (CNN). And even more delightful, (sarcasm intended) to further read that "other states, including Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky, New York and Hawaii, were not far behind."

Now, since President Barack Obama’s $787 billion stimulus package has helped them ... what!? It hasn’t?

Seriously, I hope everyone remembers the brilliant leaders currently in office and remembers them come election time, and that we boot the incompetent, self-serving politicians out of office.

I don’t have the solution. I have no confidence in any politician currently in office, whether local, county, state or national. But I do believe that most of us taxpaying folks are sick and tired of being abused and paying the way for noncontributing members of society.

I hope those hard-working, taxpaying folks register to vote so that we can elect some politicians who are interested in the values that made this country what it is, or was, and have more on their mind than political correctness or personal financial advantage.

If we don’t, we deserve what we get. God help us.

Rick Chapman

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