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Your Views: Let inmates help out in cleaning up Lake Lanier
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Lake Sidney Lanier, located in our town of Gainesville, is currently the center of local, state and national media attention. With water levels 20 feet below full pool, the media has focused on the economic impact the drought has taken upon marinas, bait shops, sporting good stores, personal recreation and the like.

Many private organizations and individuals have stepped up to make the best of a bad situation. Members of the Lanier Canoe and Kayak Club have removed sunken canoes and trash near Clarks Bridge. Kerry Hicks, along with many businesses, extended the ramp at the same location so weekend boaters could once again go fishing.

When is our local government going to take action? I am under the impression prisoners are to be punished; however, I usually only see them maintaining the lawns of government property. This would be a perfect opportunity for these guys to stop watching television and clean up the garbage and debris along the shoreline and in the public parks.

Is law enforcement scared they will run away? Many of them have it made in jail; now why would they run away?

Does anyone in government have the authority or the guts to dot the side of the lake with orange jumpsuits, or is it easier to allow private citizens to continue the work that others should?

Justin Gilleland