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Your Views: Legal residents shouldn't mind producing proper ID when asked
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I have been reading daily and watching each night the news that flows out of Arizona. I so wish the representatives in our state would have the courage to stand up and do what is right and pass the same law.

I cannot understand why there are some people that feel this law is racist or that it will create racial profiling. Is this their only defense? Do they want illegal immigrants to continue to suck the life out of this country?

I must carry a driver's license, insurance card and registration in my car at all times. When purchasing a glass of wine with dinner, I must show ID. When boarding a plane, train, bus or boat, again I must show identification. In some cases my actual birth certificate has been needed. I must show identification when applying for a loan, cashing a check or renewing a business license. I could go on and on.

I have never complained, whined or questioned why. If a legal, taxpaying, law-abiding Hispanic or dark-skinned individual gets pulled over, or is simply asked for an ID for any reason by a law official, one would think they would be happy to provide it in order to help control the illegal alien situation that is so far out of control in this country.

Why can't people understand that anyone is welcome in the United States regardless of the color of their skin or country in which they come, but please come here the proper and legal way. Respect the laws of this nation and be proud to be an American.

Karen McDaniel