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Your Views: Lawmakers turn blind eye, deaf ear to our real problems
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It would seem our lawmakers turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the problems in our country. The first thing that they should tackle is get more jobs for those who are out of work. They don't see the country as it is now. People living in poor housing, old house trailers and kids moving in with their parents because there are no jobs, even for college graduates.

It seems to me that if our vote were to be counted, we could remove corruption. Look at how Medicare is paid without checking corruption. Or why is Social Security having money taken out to hold up the general fund? If we taxed imports like they tax our goods when they come into a country, maybe we could get our clothing, shoe, food, etc., made back in our nation.

I run the soup kitchen in Habersham County. We have had poor people who cannot come to eat because they need to conserve gasoline to go to the store to buy essentials or get prescriptions. Our lawmakers stated they would not raise taxes; then why are they talking about raising the gasoline tax? People are losing their jobs because it is getting too expensive to go to work. Some of the only jobs unemployed people can get are menial jobs.

Whenever our so-called politicians want to cut, they don't look into the corruptions in their people or those who are making more money then the president. Who do they pick? Firemen? Policemen? Those guys and gals are risking their lives for a pittance. They live on poverty wages; they cannot afford to buy a home because they don't make enough. Did they ever think that our politicians have a unique medical plan for them, with a great retirement for the rest of their lives? Why don't they lower their wages?

Lord help us. Like President Reagan said that when we take God out of our country, so will our country fail.

Hawk Smessaert