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Your Views: Keep the change, Obamas promises
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Now that the election is over, we can see the campaign promises falling to the wayside already. Barack Obama promised change and his cabinet is already full of members of the Clinton administration.

ACORN has been exposed for its part in voter registration and election fraud in 11 states. Despite the urging of the election commission, Obama still refuses to provide the election commission with his medical records and his birth certificate, even though ordered to do so by a federal judge.

He has stated that he sees no reason for an ordinary private citizen to own and possess a firearm. He has stated that he is pro-abortion rights. He has expressed his sentiments toward giving amnesty to 14 to 18 million illegal aliens.

Jobs are going out the back door faster than they can be created at the front door. Obama has indicated that the wall along the Mexican border should be torn down. He has stated his leanings toward the proposed North American union composed of Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Economists are predicting an Obama stock market crash. The Big three auto manufacturers are asking for a bailout. Ohio is asking for $300 million over the next three months. Citigroup is now added to the list of failing banking institutions. AIG is stating that it is possible that they may need a little more to get them out of their tough spot.

Obama keeps talking and talking and talking, but he never says anything, at least anything of any consequence.

Obama still says that he can give 95 percent of the taxpayers a tax break and that he can provide a national health plan. He states that he can create government jobs building bridges and improving roads. He plans to pull our troops out of Iran within six months to a year. He plans to cut back the military.

The unemployment rate is rising. My IRA is dropping. The only really good news is that the price of gasoline is falling.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm ready to say "keep the change." Times are going to be very, very hard a year from now.

Rickey Tumlin

We all must do more to protect the unborn
In considering the election outcome, some wonder why God did not hear our prayers for the unborn. We prayed the rosary and offered novenas and fasted that a "pro-life" candidate might triumph over anything less. Such candidates know when life begins and support the bans on partial-birth abortions and continue to support conservative Supreme Court justices.

After much soul searching, we may come to see the reason for the outcome is that we are not doing enough. Let us not become complacent. Previous successes have been the appointment of conservative Supreme Court justices, the Victim of Violence Act, Partial-Birth Abortion Ban, and most importantly that life begins at conception.

Perhaps these successes stopped us from working hard, as is still needed. We've all seen that these successes may still be overturned by any new administration. Is there really a more important issue than trying to save the life of the unborn?

We must remember they have no voice. We need to be their voice and their advocates. We cannot remain silent, even in the face of those who would tell us, "don't rock the boat."

Are we willing to no longer be silent, no longer take the easy path? Let your voices be heard, and let the newly elected administration know that we are committed to protect the unborn.

Peggy Wright

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