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Your Views: Interrogation can save US lives
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Am I the only one around who is wondering why in the world our military's interrogation methods of suspected terrorists are worthy of front-page news?

Our country is in the middle of a war on terror that is being waged all over the globe. When we're fortunate enough to capture a terrorist suspect, we naturally want to find out what he knows that might help our cause.

We must use whatever means or methods are available to gain this information to save the lives of not only the brave men and women in our armed forces, but also the lives of innocent civilians that are very often the targets of these suspects.

I am shocked at those in the current administration that seem to want to coddle these terrorists and think we're somehow being too rough on them.

I would hope the "silent majority" in our country would be shocked as well and voice their support to our troops to win this war on terror by whatever means are necessary.

Scotty Ball