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Your Views: Hispanics an ethnic group, not a race
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Re: "Hispanics now one-third of Hall students" (The Times. Nov. 24): "Large numbers of white students moving into certain parts of the county are being accompanied by large numbers ‘moving out of other locales,' Hall schools Superintendent Will Schofield said. ‘These move-outs are being replaced by predominantly Latino children.'

"Except for a drop in number of blacks in 2006, black and white students have made steady increases in enrollment. However, whites for example, grew in number by 5.3 percent in 2006 compared to 4.8 percent for Hispanics. This year the number of blacks grew by 6 percent and whites 4.6 percent compared to 9.7 percent for Hispanics."

The constant reference to "Hispanics/Latinos" "whites" and blacks in media reports, including The Times, is not only inaccurate but divisive.

Those who study the crisis created by the fact that the president has refused to secure our borders and the resulting illegal immigration crisis watch while the open borders lobby strives to create a racial issue from this fact. The last thing America needs is news reports, and remarks from government officials, that fail to recognize that "Hispanic" defines an ethnicity, not a race.

Hispanics come in all races. As do real immigrants. The sooner we all regard illegal immigration and illegal employment as the violation of law, that is the sooner we can stop reading stories that can only divide us as a nation.

Illegal does not have a race, or an ethnicity. We should all remind the Hall School superintendent and news editors of the importance of their descriptions.

D.A. King

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