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Your views: Hall sheriff shows class by returning campaign money
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Today marks a first for me and many others here in Hall County. Because of the outstanding job that Sheriff Steve Cronic has done for us, he has run for re-election uncontested twice.

I, like many others, gave him a campaign contribution early on. He could legally do a number of things with the campaign funds, including in the long run, keep it for himself.

Simply put, because he is one of the most honorable men I have ever met, one of my heroes, a true public servant (statesman), he decided to return the funds to each of his contributors. See what I mean about "a first."

In the past, we have all given campaign funds to folks running for office that ended up uncontested. But never have I ever heard of the contribution being returned voluntarily.

I have a suggestion of what we could do with the returned funds. Another good friend of mine, Gene Logan, has supported the Georgia Sheriff’s Association Inc. for a number of years. They truly do good work and need help.

Let’s make a contribution to the Georgia Sheriff’s Association Inc. in the same amount on behalf for Sheriff Cronic. It’s tax deductible this time!

Jim Syfan



Why trash political  foes with ugly attacks?

I’m a little confused. I thought if you didn’t want a guy to be president, you just didn’t vote for him.

We have two really nice guys running for president. I’m a little partial to one, but I certainly don’t hate the other. Every day, I receive some of the most angry, nasty and hate-filled e-mails from people I used to think had an average amount of intelligence. Where does the garbage start? It spreads like wildfire and is believed by people and spread by people who are educated and the pillars of the community.

I really wish people would take a deep breath and think about how lucky we are to have freedom of speech, and think about what they are really saying about these two great men and their wives and families. I’d love to see people redirect all the negative energy toward just supporting the man they’re for. Just don’t vote for that other guy.

Janet Cornett


Hall deputy comes to motorist’s rescue

Last Saturday, as I was headed to the emergency room at Northeast Georgia Medical Center, I had a flat tire on Ga. 365.

In the heat of the afternoon, I called AAA and it was going to be at least an hour before they arrived. About five minutes after placing that call, a Hall County sheriff’s deputy arrived and was so kind. He changed the tire himself, and I arrived in time to meet my mom there and get her into the hospital.

Unfortunately, due to the stress of the moment, I did not get his name and I would so like to express my gratitude to him especially and to the department. Thanks again, you were indeed an answer to prayer!

Evelyn Martin