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Your Views: Hall Democrats are defeated, but not discouraged
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We would like to use your highly esteemed newspaper to let the community know that we are still here. Republicans may have clearly defeated us on Nov. 2, but they won a battle not a war. Now, more than ever, democrats are making themselves known in their communities. We've always been here, and its about time you know who we are.

We aren't bitter about our defeat. We fought a good fight, and we are truly proud of that. Unfortunately, sometimes all you've got to give is not enough.

We knew that it would be a hard battle, seeing as how now Gov.-elect Nathan Deal lives in Hall County, but we didn't let that stop us. We were out there going door to door, making phone calls, putting up signs (even if we got yelled at by passing cars) and we may not have reaped the benefits but we did plant a seed. Now we will dedicate ourselves to ensure that seed is nourished and cared for and, little by little, we will watch that seed grow into a strong, healthy tree that won't be able to be torn down.

But for now, we realize we are just at the beginning and that to get anything accomplished we are going to have to work the hardest we've ever worked. We hope that our community accepts us and respects us for who we are and what we believe in.

We also hope that the newly elected Republican officials are willing to work with us and hear what we have to say.

Because although we live in the same apartment complex, we have different views and we want to make sure you see what we see.

Lastly, we would like to encourage any closeted Democrats to join us in our efforts There's a lot to get done, but when you do it with friends who think like you do, it is so much fun. We meet the first Wednesday of every month at the Hall County Library. Please find us on Facebook: Young Democrats of Hall County.

Abby Lopez

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